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The Shared Dog

Three young sisters ask for a dog. Eventually, their parents give in, and later wonder why they had ever been reluctant. They get Brandy Wilbur Pie–a dog who carries out many jobs for lots of people and in the process shows the sisters a spectacular way to live.

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The Lost Recipe

This is a “Let’s-Solve-the-Mystery-about-Gramma” book. The storyteller leads the readers on a search for clues to find the long-lost recipe for Gramma’s incredible toasting bread. They look into Gramma’s life for clues and learn her unique recipes for making more than just bread! Includes a recipe for children to make their own bread, quickly and easily.

Expected Availability: October 2021


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"3 to 100"

Three-year olds have already begun trying to figure out the reasons for everything. If we live to 100, we will still be doing this. Our stories have something for the head and heart of any age.

Invisible Hand

Our books are the result of the self-guided labors of many, combined by The Invisible Hand that guides a voluntary marketplace.

Pots & Pans

Small children would rather play with the stuff in your kitchen cupboard than a toy. Ours are the “pots and pans” stories of living.

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